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[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP OB3100_MEM_is
[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP OB2100 3100_PIM_ug
[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP Omnibook XE4100
[texts]parishdodomisc1a - Jolyon C. Parish
The Dodologist's Miscellany. 1) The Dodo Sourcebook. Transcriptions of contemporary and post-contemporary accounts of the dodo (Raphus cucullatus), solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria), and Réunion ibis (Threskiornis solitarius). Please see “The Dodologist’s Miscellany” webpage for further details. http://sites.google.com/site/dodologistsmiscellany/ Copyright © Jolyon C. Parish 2012. Permission is granted to duplicate “as is” (unedited) for noncommerical, educational uses only, with the p...
Keywords: dodo; solitaire; Raphus cucullatus; Pezophaps solitaria; Didus ineptus; Ornithaptera; Apterornis; Victoriornis; dronte; Mauritius; Rodrigues; Réunion; Mascarenes; extinct
Downloads: 5
[texts]Laptop Service Manual: HP OB3000_rg
[texts]Archeology of death and forensic sciences in Mosteiro da Luz, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Luiz Roberto Fontes
FUZINATO, D. V.; SILVA, S. F. S. M.; FONTES, L. R.; VIEIRA, D. N.; MENDONCA, M. C. N.; MORAIS, J. L.; MARINO, M. Archeology of death and forensic sciences in Mosteiro da Luz, São Paulo, Brazil (XIX Century): the excavation can make a difference in forensic anthropological study of mummies and skeletons. In: Duarte Nuno Vieira; Anthony Busuttil; Denis Cusack; Philip Beth (Org.). Acta Medicinae Legalis et Socialis...
Keywords: archeology of death; funerary archeology; termite bioturbation; Isoptera bioturbation; termite; Isoptera; cupim; bioturbação termítica
[texts]Escorpioes. Um problema de saude publica. - Luiz Roberto Fontes
Nogueira, J.P. & Fontes, L.R., 1997. Escorpiões um problema de saúde pública. Secretários de Saúde - Saúde Pública e Hospitalar, nr. 26: 34-37. [Scorpions. A problem related to the public health]. The paper briefly describes the problems caused by scorpion infestation in urban areas, mainly the yellow scorpion (Tityus serrulatus), and the main non-chemical control measures. It also describes a low cost and practical Control Program implemented in the city of Itapira, State of Sao Paulo, B...
Keywords: scorpion; Scorpionida; Tityus; Tityus serrulatus; urban infestation; pest control program; escorpião
Downloads: 51
[texts]Heterotermes tenuis e H. longiceps (Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae) atacando cana-de-acucar no Brasil - Luiz Roberto Fontes
PIZANO, M. A. & FONTES, L. R. 1986. Ocorrencia de Heterotermes tenuis (Hagen, 1858) e H. longiceps (Snyder, 1924) (Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae) atacando cana-de-acucar no Brasil. Brasil Acucareiro 104 (3-4): 29.
Keywords: Heterotermes; Isoptera; cana-de-açúcar; praga; sugar cane; cupim; termite
[texts]It's Up To Us. - Spirit of Revolt.
Read of the month, it's up to us, booklet from the Spirit of Revolt Archive, Glasgow, Bratach Dubh Collection.
Keywords: Spirit of Revolt; Bratach Dubh; Glasgow; political booklet
Downloads: 2
[texts]The History Of Insects

Downloads: 15
[texts]My Very First Little German Book
A simple illustrated book used to help young children learn how to speak in German by teaching words and phrases. You can also read a copy of 'My Very First Little German Book' by going to the International Children's Digital Library, a joint project of the Internet Archive and University Of Maryland.
Downloads: 182
[texts]La Fontaine: Fables Choisies Pour Les Enfants - M.B. De Monvel
Twenty-six famous fables written by Lafontaine. Even if you do not know French you will recognize the story about the hare and the tortoise. You can also read a copy of 'La Fontaine: Fables Choisies Pour Les Enfants' by going to the International Children's Digital Library, a joint project of the Internet Archive and University Of Maryland.
Downloads: 117
[texts]King Winter
King Winter, the embodiment of the Christmas Spirit, leaves his palace of snow to bring winter to the land and reward obedient children with holiday sweets. You can also read a copy of 'King Winter' by going to the International Children's Digital Library, a joint project of the Internet Archive and University Of Maryland.
Downloads: 44
[texts]USPTO Patents Application 09926739 - United States Patent and Trademark Office
N-alkoxyalkyl N-n-dialkylamine Derivatives Or Salts Thereof, And Remedies For Nerve Degeneration Diseases Containing The Same
Keywords: U.S. Patents
[texts]Microwave-induced flow of vortices in long Josephson junctions - F. L. Barkov
We report experimental and numerical study of microwave-induced flow of vortices in long Josephson junctions at zero dc magnetic field. Our intriguing observation is that applying an ac-bias of a small frequency $f \ll f_p $ and sufficiently large amplitude changes the current-voltage characteristics ($I$-$V$ curve) of the junction in a way similar to the effect of dc magnetic field, well known as the flux-flow behavior...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Non-Critical Pure Spinor Superstrings - Ido Adam
We construct non-critical pure spinor superstrings in two, four and six dimensions. We find explicitly the map between the RNS variables and the pure spinor ones in the linear dilaton background. The RNS variables map onto a patch of the pure spinor space and the holomorphic top form on the pure spinor space is an essential ingredient of the mapping. A basic feature of the map is the requirement of doubling the superspace, which we analyze in detail...
[texts]Dissipation and Vortex Creation in Bose-Einstein Condensed Gases - B. Jackson
We solve the Gross-Pitaevskii equation to study energy transfer from an oscillating `object' to a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. Two regimes are found: for object velocities below a critical value, energy is transferred by excitation of phonons at the motion extrema; while above the critical velocity, energy transfer is via vortex formation. The second regime corresponds to significantly enhanced heating, in agreement with a recent experiment.
[texts]Conférences sur Sir Georges-E. Cartier [microforme] - Routhier, A. B. (Adolphe Basile), Sir, 1839-1920
Titre de la couv
Keywords: Cartier, George-Étienne, Sir, 1814-1873; Cartier, George-Étienne, Sir, 1814-1873; Statesmen; Hommes d'État
Downloads: 45
[texts]HST Proper Motion confirms the optical identification of the nearby pulsar PSR 1929+10 - Roberto P. Mignani
We report on the proper motion measurement of the proposed optical counterpart of the X-ray/radio pulsar PSR 1929+10. Using images obtained with the HST/STIS (average epoch 2001.73) we computed a yearly displacement of +97 +/- 1 mas yr^{-1} in RA and +46 +/- 1 mas yr^{-1} in Dec since the epoch (1994.52) of the original HST/FOC detection. Both the magnitude and direction of the optical proper motion components are found to be fully consistent with the most recent VLBA radio measurements...
[texts]Differences Between Hole and Electron Doping of a Two-Leg CuO Ladder - S. Nishimoto
Here we report results of a density-matrix-renormalization-group (DMRG) calculation of the charge, spin, and pairing properties of a two-leg CuO Hubbard ladder. The outer oxygen atoms as well as the rung and leg oxygen atoms are included along with near-neighbor and oxygen-hopping matrix elements. This system allows us to study the effects of hole and electron doping on a system which is a charge transfer insulator at a filling of one hole per Cu and exhibits power law, d-wave-like pairing corre...
[texts]The incomplete beta function law for parallel tempering sampling of classical canonical systems - Cristian Predescu
We show that the acceptance probability for swaps in the parallel tempering Monte Carlo method for classical canonical systems is given by a universal function that depends on the average statistical fluctuations of the potential and on the ratio of the temperatures. The law, called the incomplete beta function law, is valid in the limit that the two temperatures involved in swaps are close to one another...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Fermi-edge problem in the presence of AC electric field - Yi Zhou
We study in this paper a non-equilibrium Fermi-edge problem where the system under investigation is a single electron reservoir putting under an AC electric field. We show that the electron Green's function and other correlation functions in the problem can be solved and expressed exactly in terms of a well-defined integral. The qualitative behaviors of the solution is studied and compared with the situation where the impurity is coupled to more than one reservoirs at different chemical potentia...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Supernova neutrinos in the light of FCNC - S. W. Mansour
We study the effect of including flavor changing neutral currents (FCNC) in the analysis of the neutrino signal of a supernova burst. When we include the effect of the FCNC which are beyond the standard model (SM) in the study of the MSW resonant conversion, we obtain dramatic changes in the \Delta m^2-sin^2(2\theta) probability contours for neutrino detection.
Downloads: 1
[texts]USPTO Patents Application 08753750 - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Transferrin Binding Proteins Of Pasteurella Haemolytica And Vaccines Containing Same
Keywords: U.S. Patents
[texts]Scaling laws for Shor's algorithm with a banded quantum Fourier transform - Y. S. Nam
We investigate the performance of a streamlined version of Shor's algorithm in which the quantum Fourier transform is replaced by a banded version that for each qubit retains only coupling to its $b$ nearest neighbors. Defining the performance $P(n,b)$ of the $n$-qubit algorithm for bandwidth $b$ as the ratio of the success rates of Shor's algorithm equipped with the banded and the full bandwidth ($b=n-1$) versions of the quantum Fourier transform, our numerical simulations show that $P(n,b) \ap...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Dimensional regularization of the gravitational interaction of point masses - Thibault Damour
We show how to use dimensional regularization to determine, within the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner canonical formalism, the reduced Hamiltonian describing the dynamics of two gravitationally interacting point masses. Implementing, at the third post-Newtonian (3PN) accuracy, our procedure we find that dimensional continuation yields a finite, unambiguous (no pole part) 3PN Hamiltonian which uniquely determines the heretofore ambiguous ``static'' parameter: namely, $\omega_s=0$...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Kentucky (Volume Reel 0216 - Compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Kentucky - Seventh Infantry, Mi – Pe) - United States. National Archives and Records Service
Designated as Record group 94, Records of the Adjutant General's Office
Keywords: United States. Army; United States. Army; United States. Adjutant-General's Office; Soldiers
Downloads: 31
[texts]Geneviève - Alphonse Karr
Book digitized by Google from the library of Oxford University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Downloads: 39
[texts]Equivalence-Checking on Infinite-State Systems: Techniques and Results - Antonin Kucera
The paper presents a selection of recently developed and/or used techniques for equivalence-checking on infinite-state systems, and an up-to-date overview of existing results (as of September 2004).
[texts]The microscopic meaning of grand potential: cluster properties of the one-dimensional lattice gas - Agata Fronczak
We demonstrate, with a concrete example, how the combinatorial approach to a general system of particles, which was introduced in detail in the earlier paper arXiv:1205.4986, works and where it enters to provide a genuine extension of results obtainable by more traditional methods of statistical mechanics. To this end, an effort is made to study cluster properties of the one-dimensional lattice gas with nearest neighbor interactions...
[texts]On excess filtration on the Steenrod algebra - Atsushi Yamaguchi
In this note, we study some properties of the filtration of the Steenrod algebra defined from the excess of admissible monomials. We give several conditions on a cocommutative graded Hopf algebra A^* which enable us to develop the theory of unstable A^*-modules.
Downloads: 2
[texts]USPTO Patents Application 09938304 - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Apparatus And Method To Compensate For Disturbance Using Learning Control In An Optical Recording/reproducing Apparatus And Optical Recording Medium Drive Servo System
Keywords: U.S. Patents
[texts]Fibonacci-Hubbard Chain at Zero and Finite Temperatures - Sanjay Gupta
We have studied finite-sized single band Hubbard chains with Fibonacci modulation for half filling within a mean field approximation. The ground state properties, together with the dc conductivity both at zero and non-zero temperatures, are calculated for such quasi-periodic Hubbard chains. While a reduction in the conductivity is found for strong electronic interaction or strong Fibonacci modulation, a competition between these two is observed to enhance the conductivity...
Downloads: 1
[texts]No title

Keywords: checkin
[texts]Classical and quantum spinor cosmology with signature change - B. Vakili
We study the classical and quantum cosmology of a universe in which the matter source is a massive Dirac spinor field and consider cases where such fields are either free or self-interacting. We focus attention on the spatially flat Robertson-Walker cosmology and classify the solutions of the Einstein-Dirac system in the case of zero, negative and positive cosmological constant $\Lambda$. For $\Lambda
[texts]On Measuring Chemical Abundances in Distant Galaxies Using Global Emission Line Spectra - Henry A. Kobulnicky
The advent of 8--10 meter class telescopes enables direct measurement of the chemical properties in the ionized gas of cosmologically--distant galaxies with the same nebular analysis techniques used in local H II regions. We show that spatially unresolved (i.e., global) emission line spectra can reliably indicate the chemical properties of distant star-forming galaxies. However, standard nebular chemical abundance measurement methods (those with a measured electron temperature from [O III] lambd...
[texts]USPTO Patents Application 09916804 - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Method Of Producing Complex Oxide Thin-film And Production Apparatus
Keywords: U.S. Patents
[texts]Rapidity-Separation Dependence and the Large Next-to-Leading Corrections to the BFKL Equation - Carl R. Schmidt
Recent concerns about the very large next-to-leading logarithmic (NLL) corrections to the BFKL equation are addressed by the introduction of a physical rapidity-separation parameter $\Delta$. At the leading logarithm (LL) this parameter enforces the constraint that successive emitted gluons have a minimum separation in rapidity, $y_{i+1}-y_i>\Delta$. The most significant effect is to reduce the BFKL Pomeron intercept from the standard result as $\Delta$ is increased from 0 (standard BFKL)...
[texts][Index (soundex) to the population schedules of the thirteenth census of the United States, 1910 California] [microform] (Volume CALIFORNIA – T1261 – H-655 Nasario---H-665 Suigh) - United States. National Archives and Records Administration
Title supplied by cataloger
Downloads: 12
[texts]Search for new particles decaying into dijets in proton-antiproton collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV - The CDF Collaboration
We present a search for new particles whose decays produce two jets (dijets) using proton-antiproton collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1.13 fb-1 collected with the CDF II detector. The measured dijet mass spectrum is found to be consistent with next-to-leading-order perturbative QCD predictions, and no significant evidence of new particles is found. We set upper limits at the 95% confidence level on cross sections times the branching fraction for the production of new p...
Downloads: 2
[texts]On the Completeness of the Black Hole Singularity in 2d Dilaton Theories - M. O. Katanaev
The black hole of the widely used ordinary 2d--dilaton model (DBH) deviates from the Schwarzschild black hole (SBH) of General Relativity in one important feature: Whereas non-null extremals or geodesics show the expected incompleteness this turns out {\it not to be the case for the null extremals}. After a simple analysis in Kruskal coordinates for singularities with power behavior of this -- apparently till now overlooked -- property we discuss the global structure of a large family of general...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Complexity of super-coherence problems in ASP - Mario Alviano
Adapting techniques from database theory in order to optimize Answer Set Programming (ASP) systems, and in particular the grounding components of ASP systems, is an important topic in ASP. In recent years, the Magic Set method has received some interest in this setting, and a variant of it, called DMS, has been proposed for ASP. However, this technique has a caveat, because it is not correct (in the sense of being query-equivalent) for all ASP programs...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Dependence of the evolution of the cavity radiation of a coherently pumped correlated emission laser on dephasing and phase fluctuation - Sintayehu Tesfa
Analysis of the dynamics of the cavity radiation of a coherently pumped correlated emission laser is presented. The phase fluctuation and dephasing are found to affect the time evolution of the two-mode squeezing and intensity of the cavity radiation significantly. The intensity and degree of the two-mode squeezing increase at early stages of the process with time, but this trend changes rapidly afterwards...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Dec. 27 - 28, 2007
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/202946-dec-27-28-2007.html
Keywords: documentcloud; la-times; 1025-ben-welsh
Downloads: 6
[texts]Index (soundex) to the population schedules of the tenth census of the United States, 1880. [microform] (Volume Tennessee – T772 - s-353 -- s-431) - United States. National Archives and Records Service
Container title: Tennessee, 1880 census soundex
Keywords: Documents on microfilm
Downloads: 30
[texts]Estimates for parameters and characteristics of the confining SU(3)-gluonic field in π^0-meson from one- and two-photon decays - Yu. P. Goncharov
On the basis of the confinement mechanism earlier proposed by author the electric formfactor of $\pi^0$-meson is nonperturbatively calculated. The latter is then applied to describing electromagnetic decays $\pi^0\to2\gamma$ and $\pi^0\to e^+e^-\gamma$ which entails estimates for parameters of the confining SU(3)-gluonic field in $\pi^0$-meson. The corresponding estimates of the gluon concentrations, electric and magnetic colour field strengths are also adduced for the mentioned field.
[texts]Federal register [microform] (Volume Vol. 55, April 13-April 30, 1990)
Chemical abstracts
Keywords: Administrative law
Downloads: 36
A Tarrant County, Texas oil and gas lease from Dewey F Tennant to Dale Property Serv LLC, signed on May 21, 2010. (Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/189435-d210181843.html)
Keywords: documentcloud; nytimes; 1942-jeremy-ashkenas
Downloads: 3
[texts]The Sixth-Moment Sum Rule For the Pair Correlations of the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma: Exact Result - P. Kalinay
The system under consideration is a two-dimensional one-component plasma in fluid regime, at density n and at arbitrary coupling Gamma=beta e^2 (e=unit charge, beta = inverse temperature). The Helmholtz free energy of the model, as the generating functional for the direct pair correlation c, is treated in terms of a convergent renormalized Mayer diagrammatic expansion in density. Using specific topological transformations within the bond-renormalized Mayer expansion we prove that the nonzero con...
Downloads: 1
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